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Yet another schizophrenic creation from the Cairns underground. Spewing forth from the joint restless minds of some lads with an insatiable appetite for DIY music – Happy Wolves Records ‘aint like the record labels your pappy used to jive to. No, its much smaller and with far less popular appeal. But, importantly, it is vital and seething, ready to dive at all chances to bring independent music to the ears that deserve to hear it.

Although in its infant stages, the label already has two artists who have signed their bloody script on the non-existent contract – Jobstopper and Swamp Donkey. Both hailing from Cairns, Jobstopper print the party good time rockin’ and a-rollin’ hits with their ska-infusde punk chicanery, whilst Swamp Donkey are floating around the grunge – meets shoegaze – meets punk universe with toe tapping, swampy dirges.

Already having a few EP releases under their belt, Jobstopper now unleash their debut full length album It Was Like That When We Got Here which will be available to purchase in our store and also at their upcoming launch night.  Meanwhile Swamp Donkey are due to drop their debut release, a split 7″ with The Beached Kennedys, in late Feb/early March.

All pics (unless otherwise noted) throughout this site are supplied by Pappi-Razzi (thanks heaps!)


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