Happy Wolves Records

Swamp Donkey


Ollie Van Ballegooyen – dumbs ‘n’ singering
Justin Bishop – bays ‘n’ singering
Scott Blackford – geeters ‘n’ singering
Joel Goodman – other geeters ‘n’ singering



Swamp donkey are a 4 piece swamp rock grunge shoegaze outfit from cairns. They have forty toes between them, and almost as many fingers.

Originally formed as a fake family in order to appear on Family Fued, the Donk-a-donks soon realised they were better equipped at playing music than guessing what the number 1 animal that smells like parmesan is. 7 eons, and many moons later they have now been officially crowned “do not serve”.

They take no prisoners (but they do watch Prisoner).


Debut 7″ EP

Fresh and fruity, and ready to purchases HERE