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That Melted Sunlight Sound (12″ Vinyl with Download)

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Four bands from Cairns (one is “ex-” as those bloody traitors Bad Pharmer moved to Brisvegas).

The idea here is to present a handful of tracks from a variety of bands. Different styles, but still sharing common DIY/indie vibes.

12 tracks (Hungry Lungs x 3, Bad Pharmer x 3, Post-Truths x 4, Swamp Donkey x 2)

Vinyl purchase includes the digital download.

Cairns Locals – want a free local pickup/dropoff?: If you want to avoid postage costs, put 4870 in the shipping location and choose Free Pickup. (then holler back at us and we’ll tee up a time)

Bad Pharmer are a cane cutter’s swampy dance-hall delight with one foot in the garage rock world and the other floating freely in space whilst occasionally stomping on the head of 80s Aus Rock.
Throw in the dual vocal party and it’s toe-tapping time bay-bay! One of their songs reminds me of 80s Saints (the good songs, trust me). Sometimes I get a bit of a Grates vibe, but maybe that’s because I can picture their personnel dynamic. On other occasions it sounds country-punk (is that a thing?) but always bloody upbeat and rocking.  (Editor’s note: when I use the term ‘rockin’ I realise I sound like Richard Wilkins reviewing things he’s never listened to, but please give me the benefit of doubt here).

Hungry Lungs are one of the best bands to come out of Cairns ever, full stop, period, ’nuff said. They make awesome songwriting sound effortless to listen to, which is quite a rare feat.
Hovering around the indie vibe with garage rock lashings and just generally compelling dynamics they’re just bloody good alright. Locking bands into genres is always a terrible game and I don’t envy music journalists having to work their way around that all the time, but I guess post-rock meets indie with a touch of 80s US college rock thrown in the mix might get your mind somewhere in the right vicinity.

Post-Truths are a paranoid nightmare blurted out over a broken megaphone, with occasional introspective warbles. If Batpiss weren’t quite as good, if someone was covering Neil Young songs with broken fingers through a Metal Zone, if Tim Rogers picked his worst songs and asked Nathan Williams to mix them through a hurricane, if someone blind-folded the Wipers and yelled “be worse! And a – 1, 2, 3 aaand …. go” then that would all actually be quite interesting. But until any of that happens, we have Post-Truths.

Swamp Donkey take their gene-pool just as much from Kim Salmon as they do J Mascis, and then there’s all that post-rock and indie fuzzed out grunge in between. The 2 tracks on this album show them sitting in their indie mode, a bit rock ‘n’ roll and you can tell these guys grew up in the 90s – not because of their pirated GUCCI sweaters, but due to their influence-on-the-sleeve approach to that indie/grunge thang that sounded a little sweeter back then before the bros and major labels opened up the sewer valves.



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